Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Tuesday night blitz! (30 / 6 / 15)

Good to see the blitz continue to grow. FM Michael Baron took the spoils winning all his games apart from a draw with FM Jack Puccini. IM James Morris came in second & Dimtry Partsi 3rd. Good to see some new faces too.
Scores and a video below!

IM Morris & FM Jack Puccini 

Some slight controversy in my game V Nic Ilic where a triple repetition draw claim was rejected and I won on time in an equal/drawish position. I had no problem doing this as I was a rook and time up for most of the game, but more importantly we're all on the same page about claiming draws in 5-0 blitz: there are no "draw claims". If there's mating material left on the board (including rook V rook or knight V knight, you're welcome to take someone out on time. If not, the position is already drawn regardless of claims). We all come into the games knowing this, so when you start you know you're playing with 5 minutes to conclude the game, not 5 minutes to get it to a technical draw with good play. I might've been more "sporting" had the times been close together, but we play with the clock for a reason, and if it takes you longer than your opponent to get to a "drawish" position, that counts for something: in 5-0 you can't call the arbiter to come and change the rules at the end of the game. Nic was a good sport about it anyway and it was nice to see the Ilic's in town!

Round by round in rating order:
#NameRatingR. 1R. 2R. 3R. 4R. 5R. 6R. 7R. 8R. 9R. 10
1James Morris24171233456789
2Michael Baron2265123456
3Jack Puccini2159012334
4Dimitry Partsi20601223445678
5Helen Minh2002122223
6Leo Nguyen19701123334456
7Thomas Kalisch1770112233
8Andrew Fletcher1766111234444
9Zheng Sun174111124
10Rad Chmiel1708001222
11Paul Cavezza170601122
12Goran Ilic16620111
13Nicholas Ilic16180122444
14Harish Kumar1514000½½2222
15Zlatko Varga1415½½11222233
16Niruruthi Ravichandren138800½½½½122
17Elizabeth Warren13240½11222222

For those who missed it on our facebook page, I'll also upload a couple of videos of MCC member Myiesha Maunders playing in Washington Square Park in NYC. Enjoy!


  1. Good to see Dimitri on the comeback trail with a solid performance. Disappointing for The Pooch. Well done to The Baron. I hope Tom promises to not cheat anymore!

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  3. Paul, how about a more inspiring blog title?
    Perhaps: "Electric Eye In Caissa Sky"