Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Tuesday night Blitz @ MCC: CONTROVERSY!

17 players, 3 FMs, Baron blows a fuse in round 10 after Kalisch moves, takes his hand off the piece, then changes mind (and goes on to win)! Zlatko Vargo avoids quadruple phone violation to persistent caller, some amused...

Final scores:

1Jack Puccini9
2Michael Baron
3Leo Nguyen7
4Bill Jordan
5Simon Schmidt6
6Thomas Kalisch6
7Richard Lee
8Andrew Fletcher
9Marcus Raine5
10Zheng Sun5
11Paul Cavezza5
12Tony Tosesvki5
13Judi Sugiharto4
14Elizabeth Warren4
15Mohan Jothibabu4
16Zlatko Varga3
17Richard Snow1

So we're all on the same page for next week:

1. We'll use the official FIDE rules, so Andrew's pawn and knight VS Bill's many pieces and no time will be a win for Andrew.

2. Illegal moves can't be claimed long after they've happened. If an illegal moves is made (e.g. Tom V Michael), the clock is stopped, the arbiter (me or whoever else is chosen before we start) is called, if they're playing their game they pause the clock, a ruling is made and the ruling is accepted.

3. Zlatko's wife's attempt to call him 17 times in one game will result in a loss for Zlatko, but not for Zlatko's wife who will get to speak to her husband.


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