Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Congrats James!

First, it is time for the Jimmy celebration video. (for those of you who haven't seen Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas, do yourselves a favour!)

Now that that ritual has been observed, I say well done James Morris on a first MCC Championship win. James has been more consistent this year and whilst we haven't seen it at the very top level, I think results like these show he's improving every year. It's great to see the younger generation playing regularly at the MCC. Hopefully we'll see a return to previous years when several IMs and even GMs played in the club champs.

My tournament finished with a win to take me to 4.5/9. The best game I played was against Efrain Tionko, when I managed to combine opening knowledge with hard work at the board. The worst was either against Mehmedalija or Eamonn, where lack of concentration met 1.b3 opening cluelessness.

I played a little loose last night too but my opponent helped me out a bit with moves like h6 and eventually I simplified the position into a win with 25. Nh4...

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