Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bad times!

Most of my weaknesses have been on show in the last 4 weeks.

With black in this position I played Bc5, calculating the sequence Bc5, Bg5, Ng4, Bxd8, Bxf2+ and so on.
I realised that I look at positions and make one move plans, with no regard for long term strategy. In the above I know the long-term plan is to push the Queen-side pawns but I couldn't resist "active" pieces, and justified Bc5 by thinking 'well the rook just moved from f2'. The theme of looking at positions and thinking about one or two move ideas, when what was needed was a long term plan, has lost me 2 games in this tournament.

Up to this point I'd played reasonably well with Black against Paul Kovacevic's... I think it's called the Hungarian System against the King's Indian? The thing with Bd3 and Ne2. In this position, when it was time to think about a long term plan, I was exhausted from playing a highly positional game (which I'm not used to) and just pushed h5. A better way to think about the position is how to activate the a8 rook. 

I've taken a couple of byes from the tournament as I have a lot on at the moment and there is little point playing at the level I currently am, so hopefully I will either get more positions I like when I come back, or have the energy to make correct strategic plans in positions where they're called for like those above.

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