Tuesday, September 11, 2012

A game he says

Well here's the story from A-Z

6pm: Walks into MCC, spends an hour trying to get the DGT going on our new server, fails miserably- it'll be up next week.
6.15pm: Sees Guy West playing blitz with Tom Kalisch, subconsciously... thoughts of the Barry Attack begin to take over.
7.15pm: eats granola bar
7.30pm: Draws Malcolm. Remembers deep dislike for the French;)
7.31pm: Recalls that Grant Szuveges instantly turns into Bruce Macavaney any time the Barry Attack is mentioned.
7.32pm: Plays Barry Attack.
8.30pm: Is absolutely delighted with the prospect of e4, despite knowing 12.0-0-0 is better.
9.00pm: Nearly has aneurism calculating attack.
9.30pm: Attack succeeds to a degree...
10.00pm: Plays one too many finesses in time trouble with Bg6.
10.30pm: Plays Ke2.
10.30pm- Now: Reflects on Ke2 :D

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