Tuesday, July 28, 2015

When the cat is away...

An enjoyable blitz tonight with a relatively even field. With FM Baron away Dimitry Partsi & Simon Schmidt shared 1st place. I enjoyed the event; felt like I had at least some chance in every game. Dimitry Partsi's play in time trouble recently has been a joy to behold: squeezing absolutely everything out of the position has become his speciality. In the following position there had been much jostling for position, many tricks, traps and draws offered in the previous 487 moves;) With 4 seconds left on the clock mighty Partsi missed the brilliancy Kc1 which would have kept the contest alive, blundering with Kc3??

White to play, Partsi - Cavezza 1/2 - 1/2
After Kc3?? I found the brilliant Re3!! drawing the game.

Being serious for a moment though, I have no problem with people taking opponents out on time in drawn positions. In blitz, both players start the game knowing they have 5 minutes and 0 seconds to get the game to a technically "completed" position, not a drawish one. Knowing that at the start, my view is we can't have any complaints about it at the end. That said, I get that it can be annoying too!


#NameScoreTie.New Rating
1Dimitry Partsi37½2115 9
2Simon Schmidt37½1968 60
3Jack Puccini7382152 6
4Leo Nguyen38½2036 4
5Chris Kolak40½2020 30
6Andrew Fletcher40½1771 18
7Paul Cavezza41½1721 7
8Zheng Sun2431742 24
9Daniel Dobos2431618 4
10Elizabeth Warren0451367 10

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