Tuesday, March 17, 2015

f3-e4 in the Nimzo-Larsen (PATENT PENDING)

Sometimes you have to laugh. I have a blind-spot for this tactic, and the Nimzo-Larsen seems to compel me to do strange things. I should write a book: 1. b3, licence to do whatever the hell you want (and be potentially lost after 5 moves). I played f3 because in the reverse position I remember seeing some games where white plays Bb2 before black plays Nf6 and black can build a good centre with f6.  I'm not a 1. d4 player, and adjusting from e4 to playing b3 more often, I find I get loads of positions that normally come from d4 openings. Amusingly, I gave a lecture at novice night last week where one of the topics was not trying to be too creative and using ideas you understand.

I wish I could tell you I calculated the Nxe4 - Qh4+ tactic; it was more one of those *lets go of the piece* and "Oh" moments. That said, I hustled well and crafted some sort of position that made problems for him. Mehmedalija fell into the trap of trying to blitz me when he had 45 minutes to my 2 and you can see from the game it didn't work out.

Anyway, I've never seen someone 5 pawns up for a piece with all 8 pawns left. F$#@%($ ridiculous!!

We agreed after the game that we both deserved to lose and embarked on a ritual burning of our scoresheets, so this is from memory:

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