Thursday, December 11, 2014

A nice game with a small blemish...

Happy to get away with a huge blunder in an otherwise decent game tonight. Having not played in 6 months, I feel like I'm going through my chess development all over again in fast motion.

In game 1 I threw away a strategically won game by choosing a wild line (so 2010...)

In game 2 I turned my brain on only once I realised the position was lost (so 2011...)

Game 3 was a won game which I turned into a tactic-fest and nearly lost (so 20..everything...)

Tonight I felt able to calculate for the most part. I thought I played well bar one obvious clanger. Also... kept it down to one unnecessary freak-out about a non-existent attack.

Sadly I didn't have the guts to play a Queen-sac I calculated with 19. Ra6!?, e5, dxe5, Nf6+, Rxf6, Rxd7, Rh6+, Kg1, Bxd7 =-

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