Friday, April 6, 2012

Short - Kasparov

It's always surprised me that there's a relative dearth of literature about this match. I'm unaware of any well-respected work on the 20 game match which ended 12.5 - 7.5 in Kasparov's favour. With all the controversy of playing outside of FIDE, a Western challenger for the first time in 20 years and the playing style of both players there should be 100 books about it! Maybe that's it though- when I look at these games I'm flabbergasted- you could never write a "learn general principles through Short-Kasparov '93" book;  the 9 Najdorfs played break just about every 'rule' in chess. Short finally cracked Kasparov's Najdorf in the last game with this:

The ninth 6. Bc4 against the Najdorf of the match.

Before looking at some games I'd like to recommend Domenic Lawson's The Inner Game, written from inside the Short camp at the '93 match. It captures the tension, the stress of competing against Kasparov, the candid and sometimes brutal Nigel Short and is very well written. 

So here we go. Bc4 against the Najdorf, it can be explosive, positional (read: boring), tactical... or all of the above. Round 6: Short - Kasparov 1993

Second game: 

Courageous stuff from Short and he had chances to win the game. What a game!

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