Sunday, December 5, 2010

Tactics Tactics Tactics!

Found a good resource I thought I'd share with you all.

For the last few months I've found myself lacking motivation to work through tactical problems, reason being that after doing a trillion of them I wasn't seeing the improvement in my chess that I'd hoped for. Well, I went from 15-1800 on the ICC, but ICC ratings are probably more about concentration than improvement.

Anyway, I've started studying general attacking ideas recently in a bid to make more use of the tactical patterns I've learned, but even in times when solving problems isn't a priority I think we need to look at the occasional exercise to keep patterns we've learned fresh!

So- in that spirit: pattern recognition videos, for the lazy student!

I have this week off work too so stay tuned for some end game stuff maybe:)!


  1. I think regular tactical practice helps your game. I use and I have a database of themed tactics when I want to look at something in particular.

  2. Ah nice- I had a strategy that if I lost to a particular tactical theme I'd force myself to go through a hundred of them that week. Slightly macabre but I couldn't stand it any longer after about 5 losses in a couple of months to skewers! Helped a lot actually:)