Monday, July 26, 2010

Playnig the Stonewall attack!

Round IV of the Vic champs I played black against a stonewall setup for white. It was a really interesting game strategically and the critical moment comes at move 15 when my f5? created more weaknesses than it was worth. It's an interesting regress for me as this was the type of move I'd make as a junior- trying to make these attacking moves with not enough respect for the weaknesses they create in a position.

Obviously I was aware of the damange done to e6, but I knew I could defend it- I actually got into what I thought was a dream position I envisioned before f5. But Mr. Beattie found the right moves to exploit e6 and a6 at the same time with some simple but very nice play.

A key improvement on 15. f5? for me would have been organising f6!!! (Rde8, f6 would do) after which I could choose to break open the center with e6-e5 and get both bishops and both rooks bearing down on the King. Also, Kb8 would have been a useful move if I recognised the weakness on a6.
Thanks go out to my T45+45 team who helped me analyse the game.

For anyone interested there's also a collection of Stonewall games here:

Next up white on Thursday!

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